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Understanding the Tyre Manufacturing Process

Tyre manufacturing and the processes involved have come a long way since the original pneumatic tyres of the 19th century – with global manufacturers investing significantly into research and design improvements along with modernisation and the materials used. Let’s go on a journey and see how a modern-day, advanced technology tyre gets put together and the steps and processes involved in getting it “road ready”. RUBBER & COMPOUND Prior to the tyre being assembled there are a number of manufacturing … Read More... about Understanding the Tyre Manufacturing Process

Getting to grips with wheel and tyre alignment

It’s a well-known (and pretty obvious!) fact that the wheels and tyres on a vehicle have an interdependent working relationship -- relying on each other to get their jobs done and drivers where they need to go! However, what’s not always so quickly recognised is that no matter how good your tyres are, if the wheels are not correctly aligned, it can cause damage to your tyres and the vehicle won’t perform optimally! With this in mind, it stands to reason that when it comes to the longevity of your tyres, along … Read More... about Getting to grips with wheel and tyre alignment

Maxxis Man Road Trip – Sydney to the Hunter Valley

Exploring our very own Aussie backyard is seldom smoother, more effortless and enjoyable than when doing it on Maxxis tyres – which is why we set out to a different location each month with some ideas to help you get your next adventure rolling! So, with the cooler weather now here -- and hopefully a little less rain than we’ve seen in the past few months -- for May’s road trip we’re heading to NSW’s iconic Hunter Valley for a few laid-back days of relaxation, fabulous food, toasty fireplaces, awesome scenery … Read More... about Maxxis Man Road Trip – Sydney to the Hunter Valley

Maxxis Tyres have Reliability, Quality, Safety and Performance all wrapped up, giving you peace of mind every time you hit the road! Designed, manufactured and tested to world class standards, our comprehensive range is suited to a wide variety of conditions and vehicle types.

Globally renowned for their unbeatable traction and robust build, Maxxis 4×4 and SUV tyres are the tyre of choice by many drivers for both their on- and off-road adventures — with award-winning Maxxis all-terrain and mud tyres always ready for action. The Maxxis range also includes a far-reaching line-up of options for passenger cars, as well as light-trucks and vans, heavy-duty trucks and buses and construction industry vehicles and forklifts. And when it comes versatility, Maxxis doesn’t stop there. Expertly researched and innovated for lawn and garden use, ATV and competitive motocross and even bicycles, means that wherever your journey takes you, you can rely on Maxxis for your ride. Combining advanced tyre technology and latest innovation with tyres that work superbly for a range of modern lifestyles and applications, Maxxis confidently stands behind its promise of “Performance when it’s wanted, Safety when it’s needed”.