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Maxxis Road Trip: All roads lead to Robe

For this month’s road trip we’re heading to Robe, a spectacular South Australian Limestone Coast haven simply oozing with charm, natural beauty, amazing hospitality and just about everything else that makes a road trip something special – including (yes, you’ve guessed it!) a beach you can drive on! Whether you’re starting in Adelaide (about three and a half hours drive), Mt Gambier (90 minutes) or Melbourne (just over six hours), it’s a drive that delivers one of Australia’s much-loved destinations for an … Read More... about Maxxis Road Trip: All roads lead to Robe

Getting to grips with tyre lifespan and longevity

Wanting your tyres to last as long as possible is a no brainer, especially in the current cost-of-living crisis climate, where replacing car tyres is an expense many would probably rather not have to face! While it would be convenient to have a set formula or timeframe, it’s not possible to predict or guarantee an exact lifespan for a certain set of tyres as there are a wide number of factors involved in how long they will potentially last. However, the good news is that there are some important things you can do … Read More... about Getting to grips with tyre lifespan and longevity

RAZRs show off their calibre on new off-road “Maxxis Track”

When it comes to putting Maxxis RAZRs to the test, a specially engineered off-road track in some seriously scenic South Australian bushland is showing just why they’ve got their RAZR sharp reputation for conquering even the toughest terrains! The new track, aptly named “The Maxxis Track” has been built as part of the renowned, privately-owned Eagle View 4WD Track in Sanderson, South Australia. The track is ultra-rough and challenging, requiring superb off-road tyres and vehicle clearance capabilities. A group … Read More... about RAZRs show off their calibre on new off-road “Maxxis Track”

Maxxis have Reliability, Quality, Safety and Performance all wrapped up, giving you peace of mind every time you hit the road! Designed, manufactured and tested to world class standards, our comprehensive range is suited to a wide variety of conditions and vehicle types.

Globally renowned for their unbeatable traction and robust build, the Maxxis 4×4 and SUV range are the tyre of choice by many drivers for both their on- and off-road adventures — with award-winning Maxxis all-terrain and mud tyres always ready for action. The Maxxis range also includes a far-reaching line-up of options for car tyres, as well as light-trucks and vans, heavy-duty trucks and buses and construction industry vehicles and forklifts. And when it comes versatility, Maxxis doesn’t stop there. Expertly researched and innovated for lawn and garden use, ATV and competitive motocross and even bicycles, means that wherever your journey takes you, you can rely on Maxxis for your ride. Combining advanced tyre technology and latest innovation with tyres that work superbly for a range of modern lifestyles and applications, Maxxis confidently stands behind its promise of “Performance when it’s wanted, Safety when it’s needed”.